Bird Control

Bird control is mandatory for any commercial setup, and below are the reasons behind same:

Droppings of birds (also called birds excretions) are highly acidic in nature and possess the ability to cause irreparable damage to vital industrial equipment, rooftops, walkways, and everything from paint and cement to wood and metals.

Trapping of Birds in HVAC ducts or getting entangled in the equipment causes clog in components and also lead to fires.

Birds cause food contamination, also invites foodborne illnesses, and also some legal consequences.

Nesting materials and birds nests affect the image of your business to customers and other stack holders.

Daily cleaning of birds dropping is costly and also leads to exposure to 60 diseases.

Nesting waste clogs your gutters and gives you trouble.

There other endless problems face by birds nesting and thus it’s always mandatory for industrial spaces and recommended to residential spaces to have Birds Control measures implemented for safe and secure lifestyle and workspaces.

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Safe and Nature-Friendly Methods of Controlling Bird Infestations

To avoid health risks, property damage, cleanup costs, expensive equipment repairs, health code violations, work stoppages, and clogged drains, take our services and our expertise for bird deterrent. We offer safe, effective, and viable solutions for all types of bird problems. We commonly use or suggest bird deterrent options as mentioned below:

1. Bird Netting

Birds Netting works as a physical barrier that excludes birds from unwanted areas like balconies, eaves, canopies, and gardens. Netting is an effective way of preventing birds outside, getting rid of nesting, and any other birds’ nuisance. It’s also nature friendly and humane in nature as it doesn’t harm birds in any way.

2. Shock Tracks

Shock tracks are the easiest way of keeping birds away from desired areas and it’s not at all a cruel option for birds. shock tracks are actually safe and humane. It’s just for scaring birds away. Very mild electric shocks are produced while birds land on any surface. Not harmful yet highly effective in keeping birds away from the desired area, shock tracks can be fixed by nails, glue can be used to any flat or curved surface including parapet walls, eaves, beams, ledges, and rooflines.

3. Bird Spikes

The best way to create a no-landing zone for birds is by using Spikes at your places. They efficiently create an anti-roosting, anti-nesting, and anti-perching area so that even a stubborn bird species cannot venture. Easy to blend it with the surroundings, match your outer structural designs, and are specifically designed to cause no harm. Bird spikes are commonly used on narrow surfaces, walls, ledges, above the windows, and light posts.

4. Flash Tape and Chemical Repellents

To scare birds, Reflective flash tape helps the most with movement from the wind and the sunlight reflecting off the Mylar tape surface.


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