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Rodents (Rats) have posed a continuous problem in tropical countries, because of reasons like climatic conditions, easily available food supply, and more open structures. Therefore the rodent pest control is considered most of a management problem than just a poisoning action. For rodent control actions, we act much more alert and extra conscious with our actions as rats are too fast and much active in their defense.

We urge everyone to be more proactive rather than being reactive in taking actions for rodent control, as we at avitus, believe in guarding your home or property against rodents before even they think of entering your place. While construction or before getting settled at your new place, the first thing done is to make boundaries for rats to enter your home or property because they exploit your property much more than anything else. We are considered to be one of the best rodent control services provider or rat exterminators in India.

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We urge on to follow wholly natural and eco-friendly ways of control rodents for the safety of mankind as well as other good living organisms on earth. Thus techniques we follow include:

Monitoring & Inspection:

The most probable reasons for having rats at your place could be untidiness in your home or workplace or in your surroundings. Thus maintaining good hygiene will help them keep away. Finding our reasons for their existence is easier as they required the availability of food & shelter. Thus we ensure that no situations favor their side. We inspect such places & cover them with the required tools to seal their entries.

Control & cure:

Using glues or boards are used as traps to existing rats, also fogging can be done to bring them out of their shelter. Various other natural, organic pesticides are used to trap them & get them out of your place.

Sealing for safety

To give you long-term possible safety from rodents we ensure sealing all possible entrance of rats in-home or other places. Also, we treat your surroundings so that no space for them is left to come back.

This is how we ensure the utmost safety of your home and keep you secure. Don’t worry our services do not cost you as much as rodents will thus believe us & try our services. Let’s connect to know your problems better.


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