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Why Avitus

Why Avitus Pest Management ?

Avitus is a company large enough to meet customer needs and small enough to care about those needs. Our unique and invincible “4 A” approach sets us apart as one of the most reputed and trusted Pest Control / Management Company in the country.


At Avitus we believe in “Prevention is better than cure”, In lieu of that we run Free Inspection Camp and different Awareness Program* to educate, alert and guide our customers regarding various types of pest invasions and infestations in their premises and other pest related health hazards and disease which they may encounter resulting in loss of wealth and health. We are committed to continuously upgrading and creating innovative ideas and approaches to attain high efficiency in meeting customer’s requirement and satisfying their needs.


All pests seek breeding grounds which provide their own basic needs like shelter, food, water, warmth and safety. Understanding these breeding grounds and their immunity, we work out specific new methods/techniques which were not used in traditional pest control management.

Avitus expert’s main aim is to analyze and ascertain the causes and types of infestation, area and extent of infestation through thorough inspection. Based on the most current information on pests and treatment methods combined with years of experience in pest control, we design the appropriate type and level of treatments that eliminate existing termites and prevent them from returning.


Instead of just solving the pest problems, at first line we explain our customers why they have encountered the particular pest problem and suggest ways and means of preventing it. We also explain specific treatment in depth about our suggested types and levels. Please note while using any methods and materials, we take into consideration both the clients safety and the possible impact on the environment or in some cases advise the client of “NO” treatment at all.


There are many methods which can be used to treat pests such as Physical, Chemical, Biological and Mechanical. Depending upon the type and level of infestation, we use the most advance and effective ‘FIVE STEP TREATMENT’ procedure to abolish the pests and the causes of infestation from the root level and prevent them from returning. This treatment is highly reliable, quick, non-messy, environment friendly and completely safe.

We operate on a proactive research and development program and work closely with other research agencies and associates to enhance the existing Pest Service Technology and develop new innovative solutions for the pest control industry.

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