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Flies possess high risk of health for humans, they are known for transmitting wide range of diseases including salmonella, dysentery, tuberculosis, cholera, parasitic worms and many others.Flies also create a big nuisance with buzzing sound around us, more while they are in large numbers. In dysentery epidemics and cholera, flies are found to be a primary reason while optimal hygiene conditions are compromised and that leads to emergencies. Childrens & Senior Citizens are always at high risk of infections from contaminated food through salmonella food poisoning. Flies breeding and feeding habits are the only reasons behind spreading deadly diseases. Flies feed from certain unhygienic places from where they carry bacteria stuck on their mouth and foot, and spread on places they land. This could also be a food we are about to eat thus its highly required to control flies in your area and keep them away from your home.

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There are many species of flies and each species carries their own risk of infection through breeding habits and environment. Facts says average house flies live upto 30 days going through 4 stages, consisting of Egg, Larva, Pupa and Adult Stage.

1. House Fly - Musca Domestica

They are one of the major carriers of disease. They get attracted towards all types of food. They are about 5-8 mm in length and have grey thorax, for narrow strips, buff or yellow abdomen, complex eyes and small hairs that serve as their taste buds.

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2. BlueBottle Fly - Calliphora Vomitoria

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Seeing them hovering around dustbins and attracted towards pets, feces and dead animals. They are known as carriers of deadly diseases. Approx ¼” or ½” in length. Possess metallic blue color.

3. Fruit Fly - Drosophila species

They are mainly saw around harvesting fruits and fermenting residues. They are 3mm in length, Yellow brown in colour, bright red eyes and abdomen hang down.
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4. Drain Fly - Psychodidae

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They are seen near sewage beds, where larvae feed on organic matter. They are also known as drain fly, sewage flies and moth fly. 2 mm in length, Tan coloured body and wings densely covered by hairs.

5. Flesh Fly - Sarcophagidae

Attracted to decayed waste, excrements and human foods. They are a big threat to human health. They are 6-14 mm long, dark grey with spotted dark patches giving checker board appearances.
Flies Control Services

We at Avitus bring very nature friendly ways of treating fly infestations while taking precautions of not harming other organisms and humans.

We focus on controlling flies and eliminating them in a very sustainable way. We start with an execution approach in which we implement ways of keeping flies away from your home and premises. Using various techniques for door proofing, roof vents etc. flies could be kept away from homes. Then restricting flies with housekeeping practices, prevents the possibility of feeding and poisoning. Destruction is done with customized fly control methods by our experts to kill flies from your premises. This could be done through various methods and after deep analyses for the best outcome as expected from us.


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