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We begin your mosquito treatment plan by conducting a thorough property inspection and identification of the mosquitoes species around your property that’s cause such problems. Once we inspect and identify them completely, we will prepare customized mosquito treatment plans accordingly, then we will share recommendations and assistance for both source reduction and necessary organic pesticides product use. chemicals used in treating mosquitoes are harmful to both humans & other organisms thus we only use the best organic and eco-friendly products that don’t harm trees, soil fertility, or other nature.

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Some of our methods include:

Source Reduction
Some reduction recommendations may include:

Mosquito Treatments

Some products are used which are organic and nature friendly that may be needed for mosquito treatment include:
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Mosquito fogging method is commonly used and best way to kill mosquitoes while covering larger area like societies and apartments, we use herbs in this fog that doesn’t harm humans respiratory. Our treatments are unique in themselves as we only kill mosquitoes larva & adult mosquitoes. other organisms are not harmed in this procedure.

While delivering those eco-friendly solutions we also take care of your budget thus we keep the best of resources and deliver pocket-friendly solutions like using cedarwood, neem, turpentine oil, etc. which are the best and proven solutions for mosquito control.

We also use some approaches to give permanent solutions to your problem like Attracting natural predators that feed on mosquitoes can control their numbers without pesticides. Bats and birds eat adult mosquitoes while dragonflies consume their larvae. Installing bat houses or birdhouses on your lawn will entice the predatory wildlife to the area, helping to reduce the mosquito population infesting your landscape. Another eco-friendly method for killing mosquitoes is to install an electric bug zapper, which electrocutes any insect that comes in contact with the electrified coils. Even though electric bug zappers don’t introduce toxic chemicals into the environment they can kill beneficial insects that fly into the zapper and may pose a danger to children and pets thus this is just a suggested option and not highly recommended by us.

To find out the best options and how we could treat or control mosquitoes in your home, society, or any commercial or residential area, please ping us or mail us we will happy to assist you with options under your budget and also harmless to nature.


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